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With ten departments and 150 regular faculty, we are the largest faculty on campus. The Faculty's programs include undergraduate and graduate programs as well as diploma programs. Annually, the Faculty awards approximately 450 undergraduate and graduate degrees and there are over 10,000 alumni worldwide.

The Faculty of Humanities is committed to a dual mission within the context of liberal arts education: offering students undergraduate degrees with the opportunity for broad exposure to an outstanding education in the traditional humanities and social science disciplines through its diverse and internationally-oriented programmatic offerings; and offering students graduate degrees in disciplines in which our researchers excel. Our special contribution to a broad liberal arts education is manifested by our going well beyond traditional definitions of humanities disciplines and incorporating many social science aspects within our programs. This is not a static notion: in our disciplines we are constantly adjusting our focus of interest and our intellectual bases. We therefore define our strength and focus in this broad definition of the liberal arts and we see the continued strengthening of our offerings through gradual growth fairly distributed across the departments as the key to our continued success and our future ability to attract students.



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